Thursday, 8 February 2018

 Welcome back to you all, can't believe that it's taken this long to get this one out. Been busy in Wellington sorting out bikes, etc etc and then having a well earned break with my daughter Cros who is back from London for a couple of weeks. Nice catching up with family that's for sure. But, I'm back in the shop and beavering away getting it ready for a new shipment of bikes. Bad news last week about the F1 stopping pit girls, let's hope that this does not go through all forms of Motorsport especially MotoGP, that would be a travesty. I see F1 are going to have children on the grids, how stupid is that? I mean from the bizarre to the ridiculous, just crazy thinking really. So this week I have sprinkled a few pit girls through the page just for your enjoyment. Well the shop is up and running again, it's taken nearly 4 months to get things kind of back to normal, bikes arriving as I've said, and workshop jobs to get on with. This month I've got some great bikes for sale 2 Monsters and S4RS and a 795 an ST4S, a BMW K1000 RS, an Aprillia Shiver750, a real nice late model CB 600RR, and a stunning Buell XB12R. I'll post photos when they have arrived later today for you all to look at. Been up to the Classic meeting this past weekend which was great and even better to catch up with people too. The moto fest is just around the corner and the Long Lunch as well, so all in all pretty busy on the bike scene. I also started sponsoring a great new young rider in Jessie Stroud. This young guy has pedigree being Andrews Strouds son, and can this little guy peddle a bike. I have great hopes for him, so keep an eye out for the little guy, he sure can ride. So busy busy on with this weeks installment, oh and here's an image of my latest toy, I am loving this bike, just loving it. fast capable, comfortable and great for the long distant rides I have planned.

 Taken at the Classic this weekend Aaron Slight Gary Goodfellow and Troy Bayliss
 A view many got over the years. Still fits his original leathers
 Gary Goodfellow getting ready to head out on a beautiful Ducati
 More than a few legends in this image
 My new KTM GT, I'm loving this weapon. The only thing I don't like about it is the fly by wire throttle which is just a bit twitchy for my liking. A couple of mills on the throttle and you've gone from 120 kph to 160!!!!!!!!!

The shop just got filled up again this morning, bikes everywhere. So all these bikes are for sale if anyone is interested, all fairly late model all good K's and ready to be vinned and complied. I have to say the quality of the bikes we are getting now is really good and the late model stuff is just starting to show up at the Auctions. I only have approximate pricing at the moment as I have not really had the opportunity to go through them yet. These prices include Vinning and complying but no registration as I don't know what you the buyers want. So call me 0274524203 for exact details ( milage etc) and get in quick.

ST4S approx $5700

Shiver 740 approx $7500

S4R approx $6300
Monster 796 approx $9800

Honda CB600RR approx $5800

BMW K100 ABS approx $5200

Turn the above into this....awesome

Seen this scene many a time

 Ducati's new winglets
 Some stunning bikes at the classic

 My ZRX getting some new carbs

 I just hope that he can do it this year, all the signs are there.

 I had a GTS in the last shipment but it got sold on, so so dissapointed

 Have lathe will travel

 You can't say he's not trying

 The Hippy getting down on the most famous bike to ever come out of New Zealand

 I'll let you know if they are any good.


 But..................this is pretty close too

 Yahhhh wha...................................

 That'd give you a fright late at night

 Crazy to get rid of this

Trouble with power, handling, and cornering, but they were epic.

 This is the first design that I've seen from Honda that I really like.

There goes the neighborhood ha ha